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Muslim Life Blog

  • Ramadan Date Jars

    The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner! Many of you might be feeling both nervous and excited. To us, Ramadan is a time of spiritual peace and beautiful traditions.
  • Homemade Cookie Mix Jars (with Free Printable Label!)

    Cookies and gifts. Two words that are sure to make anyone happy. One of the ideas we shared was making homemade cookie mix jars - super fun as both party favors and gifts.
  • Halal and Fabulous: 8 Tips on Throwing a Stellar Party

    Hey, you. We're going to take a wild guess here. You want to have guests over but rarely find the time to do so. There's so much planning involved and you're always short of time.
  • Something for Sandy Hook

    Home. What is home without family? There is something so horrifying about the thought of losing a loved one. And when such a tragedy hits close to home, it's that much more heart-wrenching.
  • Eid Money Balloons

    Think about how you felt about Eid as a kid. Most likely, it was a fun and festive day, but once December came around, there was no comparison. Decked out malls, bright lights, beautiful trees, and an abundance of gifts.
  • Iftar Picnic: Making the Most of a Summer Ramadan

    Think back to some of your earlier memories of Ramadan. Do you remember early evening iftars and cold nights outside the masjid after taraweeh prayer?
  • An Iftar Invitation For Your Neighbors

    Do you know the names of your neighbors? Do you think they'd consider you to be a great neighbor? And more importantly, do you think they have a better view of Islam and Muslims because of you?