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Congratulating a Loved One: 5 Ideas For a Rockin’ Hajj Party

5 Ideas For A Rockin' Hajj Party -

Eid al Adha is almost here! That means that there are thousands of Muslims performing Hajj right now, and there’s a good chance you know some of them. 

The Prophet (saw) said, “The reward for a Hajj mabroor (one that is accepted by Allah) is nothing but Paradise.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

We have parties for all kinds of occasions, right? Performing Hajj is one of the most important events in one’s life. If someone close to you is at Hajj right now, be sure to congratulate them in a big way once they return. Here are some of Modern Muslim Home’s ideas for throwing a fun Hajj party for your loved ones. Be sure to check out our photos below! 

1. Choose a black and gold color scheme

This sets a nice Hajj/Kaaba theme for the party. You can use black tablecloth wherever food is being served and light candles to make things fancy. Add other black and gold accents with table confetti, disposable plates and napkins, as well as balloons. Tell everyone that the dress code is *formal* and ask them to wear black and gold. We’re honoring Hajj, after all! 

2. Serve Zamzam

You can use cute little cups to serve zamzam water to your guests. Other than looking adorable, how awesome is it to serve zamzam to guests?! Hopefully they’ll make du’aa for you too. 

3. Have a Kaaba cake for dessert

Order a Kaaba themed cake from a bakery or make one yourself. Although it’s dessert, you can have it set up on a table from the beginning of the night to use as part of the party decor. The hajjis are going to *love* this. You can serve other desserts like baklava as well. 

4. Showcase a few Hajj photos

There’s a good chance the person you’re throwing this party for has already sent you a photo or two from their Hajj trip (Kaaba selfie, anyone?). If they haven’t sent you any photos yet, you can ask them to email you some. Make this party extra special for them by printing out the photos and showcasing them in frames as part of your party decor. This inexpensive idea goes a long way - the hajjis are going to be thrilled to see those unforgettable moments on display!

5. Gifts for the Hajjis

Your loved ones may bring you back gifts from Mekkah or Medinah, but how about the other way around? Just like we give gifts on graduations and other milestones in life, Hajj shouldn’t be considered something small. As you receive your souvenirs, end the night by giving the hajji a gift as well, to congratulate them on one of the biggest achievements of their life! 

May Allah (swt) accept the hajj of all the hajjis! Enjoy some photos of a few of these ideas below. If you end up throwing a hajj party yourself, we’d love to see your photos as well! 

5 Ideas For a Rockin' Hajj Party |

5 Ideas For a Rockin' Hajj Party |

5 Ideas For a Rockin' Hajj Party |

5 Ideas For a Rockin' Hajj Party |

5 Ideas For a Rockin' Hajj Party |

5 Ideas For a Rockin' Hajj Party |

5 Ideas For a Rockin' Hajj Party |

5 Ideas For a Rockin' Hajj Party |

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