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Muslim Life Blog

  • Modern Muslim Home MUGS!

    We take our tea and coffee seriously and we know how important it is for your caffeine fix to be in the perfect mug. This is why we're so thrilled to announce our newest product line: Modern Muslim Home Mugs!
  • Modern Muslim Home PILLOWS!

    So very excited to share our newest product line with you all, MMH Pillows! You won't believe how much work has gone into these, and we're so happy to finally present them to you.
  • Modern Muslim Home Featured in Azizah Magazine

    We've been itching to share this news with you for a while! Alhamdulillah, we met with the wonderful ladies of Azizah Magazine at the annual ISNA convention last year and they really loved the products that we had on display.

  • Something for Sandy Hook

    Home. What is home without family? There is something so horrifying about the thought of losing a loved one. And when such a tragedy hits close to home, it's that much more heart-wrenching.