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  • Ramadan 2019 Sale!

    Ramadan is a special month and we want to extend our gratitude to all our customers by offering a special Ramadan Sale. Choose which coupon works ...
  • Recipe: No-Bake Sweet Energy Bites

    You know how sometimes you just need to eat something sweet? For me, it’s with my tea. When it’s tea time, I get to finally sit down for 5 minutes, stop looking at my to-do list, and just relax.
  • The Ultimate Ramadan Planning Kit (FREE!)

    Want to make this the best Ramadan ever? Plan and organize your Ramadan this year with our streamlined PDF kit, provided to you completely for FREE!
  • Fatima Ibrahim's Chic & Stylish Home Tour

    Have you guys checked out Fatima Ibrahim's Instagram account? It's full of all things chic, pretty, and pink! We asked her for a peek into her home, as well as her top styling tips for our readers. She definitely delivered! Check out her beautiful home tour and styling inspiration below.
  • 14 Practical Ramadan Tips from Incredibly Busy Moms

    We surveyed some of the most busy moms we know, and asked them their top tips for excelling in Ramadan. We've compiled a list of the most helpful ideas that were mentioned most by these super-mamas.
  • Congratulating a Loved One: 5 Ideas For a Rockin’ Hajj Party

    Eid al Adha is almost here! That means that there are thousands of Muslims performing Hajj right now, and there’s a good chance you know some of them.
  • Modern Muslim Home MUGS!

    We take our tea and coffee seriously and we know how important it is for your caffeine fix to be in the perfect mug. This is why we're so thrilled to announce our newest product line: Modern Muslim Home Mugs!
  • Modern Muslim Home PILLOWS!

    So very excited to share our newest product line with you all, MMH Pillows! You won't believe how much work has gone into these, and we're so happy to finally present them to you.
  • It's Your Wife's Month Of Worship, Too: 7 Ways To Make Her Life Easier This Ramadan

    Your wife may have a job outside the home or she may be working all day at home taking care of the kids. Either way, there's a good chance she's busy and exhausted, just like you are.
  • Ramadan Iftar Boxes For Neighbors

    Ramadan is such an incredibly special time for all Muslims. How beautiful is it to be able to share that with your neighbors? We recently came across sister Lubna Dadabhoy who did just that, and in the most beautiful way.
  • Be An Amazing Human Being

    Sometimes, it can be disheartening to hear what others think about Islam, what others think about our Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wassalam.
  • Modern Muslim Home Featured in Azizah Magazine

    We've been itching to share this news with you for a while! Alhamdulillah, we met with the wonderful ladies of Azizah Magazine at the annual ISNA convention last year and they really loved the products that we had on display.