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Our Newest Product Line: Islamic CANDLES!

Modern Muslim Home CANDLES


Modern Muslim Home's Newest Product Line: Islamic Candles!

Connect with your faith, inspire your soul, and elevate your daily life with our unique & Islamic, hand-poured candles. Made with love in the USA.

We've been working on these day and night and I truly hope you'll love them!

We've got 11 different designs, some with Quranic verses and others with sweet Islamic sentiments to gift others.

Each candle is beautifully wrapped in a cellophane bag with a pretty bow. Fun crinkle paper makes it a little party in every package. 100% ready to gift yourself or someone you love!


Modern Muslim Home Candles


Candles are one of those feel-good gifts that you can't have too many of and that just about everyone loves. Feeling down? Light a candle. Feeling happy and joyful? Light a candle. Finally found time for some much needed self-care? Light a candle!


Quranic Candles

Our Quranic Candles are the perfect, heartwarming, Islamic reminders for you and your family. Here are just a few of them!


Remembrance Candle | Islamic Candles by Modern Muslim Home

Remembrance Candle- "Verily, in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest." Quran (13:28)


Remember Me Candle | Modern Muslim Home

Remember Me Candle"Remember Me and I will remember you." Quran (2:152)


With Hardship Comes Ease Candle | Modern Muslim Home

With Hardship Comes Ease - "Indeed, with every hardship, comes ease." Quran (94:6)


Islamic Sentiments Candles


Modern Muslim Home's Islamic Sentiments Candles are the perfect way to reach out and send some joy to someone you love.

Our unique, Islamic candles have different sayings and duas on each of them so you can send your friend or loved one the perfect message. Think of Modern Muslim Home candles as the perfect greeting card and gift mixed into one.


Love & Duas Candle

Love & Duas Candle


May Allah Heal You Candle | Modern Muslim Home

May Allah Heal You Candle - The perfect candle for someone who is ill, or someone who is recovering physically or emotionally (think: childbirth, injury, heartache).


May Allah Reward You CandleMay Allah Reward You Candle - Thank that person who always goes out of their way, be it a friend, relative, teacher, or volunteer. Our Jazakallah Khair Candle says the same message in Arabic, so you can choose between the two.  


Modern Muslim Home Candles


We know you love giving thoughtful gifts and we've got lots of more candle designs, perfect for different occasions. Check them out and let us know what you think! Your feedback and support mean so much.


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